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Down and Out But Not Forsaken

The number of homeless in our communities are staggering.  Do you see the homelesss where you live? Do you see the children?

How do they keep up with their basic needs.  Where do they wash their faces, brush their teeth? In collaboration with G Landry Humphery and her great humanitarian heart to provide care and hygiene packages and ministry to the homeless, 4HUMANITEEs is fundraising to support her efforts. Supporting the homeless is not beyond your reach. We ask for your support to fund this campaign camping “Down & Out But Not Forsaken” We say “Home is where the heart is” but let’s not be missed guided. No one wants this to be homeless. More and more are becoming homeless for financial and mental health reasons, but your heart and compassion can help give them HOPE. Because of the commitment you’ve made, you will help #restorehumanityYou can find out more about http://G Landry Humphery  and the wonderful things she is doing

To donate, you can go to: http://bit.ly/kingdomconnector