Start Your T-shirt Business in 4 weeks $160

Welcome to What’s The Tee Business. If you’ve been thinking about starting a t-shirt business, Let me share with you what’s needed to launch.

Learn what you’ve been wanting to know about starting your t-shirt business in 6 weeks or less.
I’m sure you’ve seen t-shirts that have caught your attention and said to yourself “I could do that”
“The Tee Business” course won’t be your basic course directing you to watch t-shirt videos on the internet making you believe that you can start your t-shirt business in 1 day and make 6 figures.
Let me tell you real quick, you can’t learn everything you need to know about starting your t-shirt business form the internet nor will I tell you will make 6 figures in day 1 neither.
I don’t want to burst your tee bubble, but unless you find an influencer to market your t-shirts on every platform under the sun and a tight marketing plan, you’ll start slow and build up to earn 6 figures.

I Need A Tee (Get Custom T-shirts)

Grow Your Community by Adding Your Own Custom T-shirt and Increase Revenues  

Did you know that by adding products to your services will not only add another revenue stream, but it builds your community of dedicated supporters and allows them  to share your message with their circle of friends. Stop leaving money on the table by not adding products to your services. 

Brand Marketing:

If you are a brand/company and you’re looking to expand your marketing reach by giving your brand life with a t-shirt or other apparel, we have a package for you.


My Bright Idea 1 Day Masterclass $97

I‘m sure you know that a A bright idea comes a dime a dozen. I bet you’re  thinking about a bright idea right now?

The one thing I know well about ideas is that they don’t have to be perfect, it just needs the ability to be executed.

Together we will push past your fear or what has blocked your blessing and add some business creativity that will help you turn your GOOD IDEA to a GREAT IDEA
I would love to work with you to and take the first steps toward launching your “Bright Idea.”

Just know that you are closer to the finish line because you took that first step to cultivate your bright idea.


FUNDRAISING4GOOD T-shirt Fundraiser

As a non profit organization, it is imperative that you secure funds to for sustainsustainabiliry. If you feel anything like me, you ware your heart for community on your sleave. For thowes of us in the non profit sector raising funds can be a little daunting and sown right lonely. is s must to It’s easy to create a shirt and put it up for sale on a personalized Booster page, without taking any risk or handling inventory.  When people unite around a common purpose magic happens and lives are changed.

4Humanitees gives back by partnering with non-profits organizations to host fundraisers, and selling limited edition products, designed to raise funding and awareness. For every product sold, 4Humanitees delivers a dedicated donation to that charity-based organization on the fundraising agreement.

From large-scale campaign like supporting the homeless, teaching young people to sew and become young entrepreneurs to taking autistic teens and young adults on cruises you name it, we have a passion for social fashion. Just think about the opportunity to create unique designs that look good for good

With each larger order campaign, 4Humanitees donates $14 from every shirt to a non-profit organization we partner with or one of your choices.

If you are interested in working with 4Humanitees and starting a fundraising campaign, please complete and submit the application below and we will contact you.