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We are social entreprenurs embracing “Cultural Community Unity”

We bridge creative, social designs that draws awareness to our mission and purpose.

Using fashion as a platform to restore humanity

Together We Can Make The Change That Restore Humanity In Our Communities

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We’re socially conscious entrepreneurs embracing “Cultural Community Unity” which is rooted in the belief that “Each Part Helps the Other Parts Grow.”  We “Bridge” creative, social designs that bring awareness to our mission and purpose. We understand that respecting, accepting, and protecting diversity can only be achieved through promoting Self Awareness, Self-Worth and Self-Respect resulting in a formation of balance and strength. Collaborating with social organizations to design fashionable tees that promote social change.


  • Sale!

    Autism Awareness

    25.00$ 21.99$
    • GBP: £ 17.25
  • Sale!

    Breast Cancer Survivor

    25.00$ 21.99$
    • GBP: £ 17.25
  • Sale!

    Breast Cancer Survivor 2

    25.00$ 21.99$
    • GBP: £ 17.25
  • Sale!

    Cancer Free blkfrost

    25.00$ 21.99$
    • GBP: £ 17.25

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Looking for a genuine and compassionate person to help you with your business ideas. Look no further. Shannon can help you get your message to the world so you can transform the lives of others.

Sheilonda Patrice

The Adult Guidance Counselortor

Wow Shannon is the truth!!! She amazes me with these great ideas for my business everytime we talk!! I truly truly appreciate your services!! �����

Shy Santiago

Multilingual Leaders

I enrolled in My Big Idea From Good To Great call and It was everything and a bag of chips. I gained insight, clarity, and motivation to continue my journey as a new non-profit. I am signing up for the I create course to get even more. She is very warm and compassionate about helping people get pass their current situation to the best stage of life. I highly recommend you sit and learn. Also make sure you have pen and paper because you will leave full after one session. All I can say is I thank God for putting you in my path and thank God for you obeying Him to do what you are called to do ” live life and do it more abundantly

Jacqueline Mckeever

Director of Route To Victory t

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