At 4Humanitees, our mission is to design socially conscious t-shirts that spark social change and restore humanity.

4Humanitees was founded in 2008 by two chic and socially concious women that had a passion for fashion and the will power to spark social change.  We envisioned a world where humanity is artistically expressed through look good for good t-shirts and the message resonates and spread like wild fire throught out the community and the world.

People like you have been the catalyst of change that influence your circle of friends. You may think about how you can make a difference in the world and have a big impact, we’ll that where social fashion comes in. We wanted to bring back the love for humanity to help your neighbor and have compassion for difference that build unity and strength while looking good for good. Each campaign is developed to bring awareness and support through the purchase of a t-shirt or products with the intention of igniting people that want to make a change in their communities and awake the inner activist that will make social changes around the world. We’re look forward to brigning awareness and the millions that will be raised for non-profits, highlighting the work they do to restore humanity.

Our belief is that individual self-awareness and self-worth promotes the perfect balance which is contagious and can span worldwide. We believe there is a purpose inside each of us and we want our efforts to encourage people to share more truth and inspiration with each other. Find your social cause with confidence and let your voice be heard because there are no limits to your passion, so live out loud and Looking Good 4 Good with 4HUMANITEES.



It’s easy to create a shirt and put it up for sale on a personalized Booster page, without taking any risk or handling inventory.  When people unite around a common purpose magic happens and lives are changed.

4Humanitees gives back by partnering with non-profits organizations to host fundraisers, and selling limited edition products, designed to raise funding and awareness. For every product sold, 4Humanitees delivers a dedicated donation to that charity-based organization on the fundraising agreement.

From large-scale campaign like supporting the homeless, teaching young people to sew and become young entrepreneurs to taking autistic teens and young adults on cruises you name it, we have a passion for social fashion. Just think about the opportunity to create unique designs that look good for good

With each larger order campaign, 4Humanitees donates $14 from evey t-shirt sold to 5 non-profit organizations we are partnered with or one of your choices.

With sustainability being the primary focus for non-profits, we know firsthand that fashion and merchandise is often the most effective way to raise funds and spark social change. This is the passion behind our brand and is why we do what we do. What inspires you to Look Good 4 Good, wear your 4Humanitees and spark social change.

If you are interested in working with 4Humanitees and starting a fundraising campaign, please complete and submit the application below and we will be contacting you.

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